Why hello there, we should do some introductions. We are monkeeCreate.


James Fleeting Twitter Github iwasasuperhero.com

Former superhero now the Sr. Front End Developer at @monkeeboy where I create things for the web.


John Hoover Twitter Github defvayne23.com

Web Developer, Amateur Cook, Bear and Ninja Defeater. Currently a Web Developer at @monkeeboy.

Our Projects


jQuery, Widget, Weather

A simple jQuery plugin to display current weather data for any location and doesn't get in your way.

  • fleetingftw

Hidden Tumblr

Chrome Extension, Tumblr

Chrome extension that adds ability to hide posts on Tumblr.

  • defvayne23


Boilerplate, Framework, HTML, CSS

No single boilerplate or framework is perfect for all but here is what works for me.

  • fleetingftw


PHP, MVC, Framework

PHP MVC framework created to jump start the development of most web apps.

  • defvayne23
  • fleetingftw


PHP, MySQL, Database

A lightweight PHP MySQL Database Layer. Talk to your database like never before.

  • defvayne23


.files, OS X, ZSH, Shell

A collection of handy .files.

  • fleetingftw

Last.fm New Releases

Chrome Extension, Last.fm

Discover new music with this Chrome extension that displays new albums from your scrobbled artists.

  • fleetingftw


iPhone, Photography

This photo project involves three people taking one picture a day, every day. See the world through different eyes.

  • fleetingftw
  • defvayne23


jQuery, Google Maps, Maps

jQuery Google Maps v3 and static image plugin.

  • defvayne23


jQuery, Widget, Last.fm, Music

jQuery plugin that displays a wealth of information from your activity on Last.FM.

  • fleetingftw


jQuery, YouTube

jQuery Plugin for working with the YouTube API. Embed videos, playlists and more.

  • defvayne23


YouTube, PHP, PHP Class

PHP Youtube API Feed Class.

  • defvayne23


WIP, Tumblr Clone

Work In Progress - Dead simple microblogging platform written in PHP. We love how simple Tumblr is but also love our own server.

  • fleetingftw
  • defvayne23

Kaizen CMS


Work In Progress - A short lived open source project that is now a closed source licensed cms.
It's coming back!

  • fleetingftw
  • defvayne23


WIP, Memes

Work In Progress - Your reaction is here when you need it.

  • fleetingftw


WIP, Memes

Work In Progress - Yeoman generator for starting a new project with Drought.

  • fleetingftw


WIP, nodejs, Monitoring

Work In Progress - Website uptime monitoring using node.js.

  • fleetingftw

Defunct Projects

Gowalla Friends

Chrome extension to display the recent activity of your friends. This extension died with Gowalla.

  • fleetingftw

Ninety Second Week

Document your week in 90 seconds.

  • fleetingftw
  • defvayne23
  • flyingnowhere

What Paywall?

TRN implemented a paywall and we knocked it down with a bookmarklet and a chrome extension. Removed due to take-down notice.

  • twofivethreetwo


WordPress plugin to brand the WP admin.

  • twofivethreetwo


WordPress plugin to display tweets based on a twitter search.

  • twofivethreetwo